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New Professional Approach to Business lending

ProCommerce Bank applies new standards in lending to growing businesses in Russian Federation. Our credit approval procedures are simplified, requiring minimum documentation and formalities from our customers. We make credit decisions within 1 to 7 days maximum, upon receipt of necessary documentation.

We offer favorable credit conditions with competitive interest rates, low maintenance fees and flexible payback graphics, in line with cash flow specifics of our customers. We apply non-standard approaches to selecting and evaluating collateral and preferential terms for our repeated loyal customers.

Products and Services – tailored to exact needs of Small Businesses

Our credit products are classified in 4 groups to satisfy different needs of our customers; Overdraft facility (up to 30 days), Working Capital facilities (1 to 6 months), Business Development finance facilities (up to 3 years) and Fixed Asset finance facilities (up to 3 years). For the convenience of our customers we offer full range of other supportive services as; current accounts, deposit and savings facilities, currency exchange operations, e-banking (bank-client), international operations, including documentary collections, letters of credit and bank guarantees.

European management supported by Russian local expertise

Bank's senior management team consists of highly qualified foreign and russian professionals with long years of banking experience in Russia as well as abroad, especially in the field of small business financing. We are striving to create a Russian organizational culture fully adapted to western banking practices and disciplines. We pay a special attention to continuous training of our employees, in particular of our credit experts and customer services specialists, to provide them with the best banking practices.

High standards of Risk Management, for reliability of our operations

We pay a special attention to pursue a prudent and consistent risk management policy. Since its establishment the bank implemented the process of formalizing its approach to risk management by introducing systematic procedures for risk evaluation, analysis of the degree of risk exposure, and the establishment of action plans aimed at monitoring and minimizing risks. In addition to credit risk, we constantly monitor market risk (interest rate and currency risks), financial risk (liquidity and performance risk), operational risk, and other inherent risks as legal risk, compliance risk and reputation risk. The overall management of above risks is executed by a number of committees that meet regularly to discuss generated reports and analysis, to ensure sustained reliability of our operations.

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Date: 01.03.2024
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